Sunday, March 21, 2010

Odine Japanese - Thai Fusion in Ajax,Ontario

It was by chance that I noticed Odine in Ajax, Ontario, Canada, Ontario.
I was returning from the Home Depot and was about to take a right turn on Kingston Road when I noticed a new restaurant on the other side of the road.
And a closer look revealed it was Japanese-Thai fusion cuisine, which made me even more curious, as I have never seen this combination.
And so far I have been there twice.
A huge smiling Buddha welcomes you at the entrance. Further inside is the restaurant, and it is decorated simply, which adds a richness to the ambience.

For lunch, Odine has a Lunch Menu as well as the regular Menu.
The first time I went for the Lunch Menu; I chose Special Thai Curry, which comes with soup and rice.
I chose beef, and it came on a gold-brown curry.

 The second time, I was tempted to order the Teriyaki, but decided to go for Thai.
Ajax is a fast growing city, and though it lacks the depth in the ethno-cultural restaurant scene that nearby cities such as Scarborough or Markham have, the situation is improving.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mayan Coffee

During my recent trip to Puerto Morelos in Mexico, I had the opportunity to taste 'Mayan coffee' at the Hacienda Arrecife restaurant in Hotel Marina El Cid. The coffee was wonderful, but more than the taste, it was the process of making it that was eye-catching.

The maing of Mayan coffee is an art, and the second time I visited the restaurant, I was ready for Senor Alfredo. Here is the video, captured on my Nokia N96, on Making Mayan Coffee