Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mexico Lindo in Whitby and Ajax

We were in Whitby late afternoon, and suddenly a desire to taste something Mexican rose. Ajax has a Mexican restaurant, but we wanted to check out Whitby. Fortunately, we were told there is one simple, but a good restaurant.
After some effort we found the place. It turned out that it is Mexico Lindo whose Ajax branch I had visited earlier.

And like the Ajax branch, one gets the feeling of being in a Spartan restaurant more common in southern countries. There was a lot of colour – in terms of Mexican artefacts.

Safari Bar and Grill -- Unique Recipes with a Flavour

Visited the Safari Bar and Grill in Pickering for dinner. I had passed that restaurant many times but never thought of visiting it until a friend praised its dishes.

They have an extensive selection of wine, and some interesting beers too. I went for the Austrian Stiegl beer.