Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seafood Laksa at Gourmet Garden -- Heavenly

After hearing about it a lot, and having managed to some of the dishes, I recently got the chance to visit the Gourmet Garden Malaysian & Singapore Cuisine in east Toronto.
Tucked behind a series of stores, the building houses a food court with at least three restaurants.
The Gourmet Garden in Toronto

We ordered two dishes: Seafood Laksa and fried squid in spices.
Fried Spicy Squid

The squid was covered in batter and deep-fried, and it came with salted and deep-fried minced garlic. Of course there was rice. I am not a fan of dried food, and generally need some kind of sauce, if not a curry. But I have always loved to eat dried BBQ slices with rice, with the help of chopsticks, and this was equal to such a dish. The squid was neatly fried, and the minced garlic added a rich flavour to it.

Seafood Laksa
Heavenly. What else can I say? I am not an expert in Laksa, but this was beyond tasty.
It was very hot with coconut (milk) sauce in a soup-base, sea food and noodles. Coconut milk can be tricky, as if it is over-used or not cooked well, can lead to bowel issues. This was perfect cooking without too much of the sweet-flavour of the milk standing out.
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