Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DeSiam Thai in Whitby -- Spicy, Spicy, Spicy

This was my second visit to DeSiam Thai restaurant.

It is very prominently located within the Entertainment Area in Whitby. 

We went on a Saturday afternoon, and it was very quiet.

Thai Spice Calamari Rings.

Calamari Rings with Spicy Sauce
 According to the Menu card, it is crispy fried calamari in Thai spice, served with DeSiam spicy sauce.

The rings were fresh and crispy. I would have preferred the sauce to be more unique, rather than the store-shelf variety, but then this is my own taste.


We ordered , DeSiam Special Spicy Fiery Entrees, which promised to
be very spicy. We ordered Beef and Seafood dishes.
Spicy Seafood.

What I found interesting is that usually, one would expect to see and taste the same sauce base, but here they were slightly different. I thought the Beef dish was a little thicker while the Seafood dish had a little bit salty taste to it.

Spicy Beef
But spicy it was. I have been to a couple of Thai restaurants in Canada and this beat everyone else in serving the spiciest dishes. I never got to taste the full red chillies in the dishes.

For those wanting to taste really spicy dishes, this will be one restaurant.

With so much to eat, there was no need for the dessert.

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