Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beaver Hall Restaurant - Montreal

The Beaver Hall - Montreal

 The Beaver Hall is one of those restaurants that reminded me of formal Europe – men in dress pants and shirts, while women elegantly attired. No sneakers.

No appetizers ordered. We decided to munch the bread and olive they provide for all tables.

Pan Seared Calf Liver

  • Pan Seared calf liver, with pepper sauce and cinnamon apple.
The liver was perfectly done.


  •  Salmon tartar, with bok choy and green beans, laid on very thinly sliced beetroots.
It was served on a wooden board with a dash of sweet-sour sauce.
The tartar was the right mixture with diced tomatoes, shallots and greens. There was no raw fish smell. A slice of lemon was provided for the juice.
The portion, as the first main, was small and, therefore, great because it did not give the feeling of having stuffed myself with food.
Yet, I could not but dispel the feeling of being in a Japanese restaurant. Particularly the wooden board and the sauce reeked of Japanese.

  • The Coffee
The way it was served is one of the best so far.
Milk came in a small mug, and not in those small packets, and there were sugar cubes. I loved it.

All in all, it was a great experience, with delicious meals and a great ambience, helped by friendly service.

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