Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Vegetarian, Six Curry Take Out

Decided to have a vegetarian lunch, but at home. So, went to a Sri Lankan take-out.

There are dozens of take-outs specializing on Sri Lankan/Indian (to be specific: northern Sri Lankan) food in and around Toronto.
One take-out I like is the Veerar Take-Out, on Sheppard, near Markham. It is located next to a Tamil convenient store.
One of the first advantages of the Veerar Take-Out is that they give you a choice of having the rice and curry put together in the Styrofoam box, or the dishes separated in tiny Styrofoam cups and the rice in the box. The Sri lankan take-outs specialize in showing off the many number of dishes they have, and I find that the uniqueness of the dishes are lost when they are lumped together in one box.
The extra cups cost a dollar more, but it is worth.
The second, and perhaps the important, advantage is that Veerar is one of the few take-outs that goes beyond the usual, and easy-to-make dishes. For example, some take-outs may boast of eight dishes, but they might have a potato curry, potato with green peas curry and green peas curry.
Veerar’s dishes are different. For example, I had a spicy curry of drumsticks (this is not chicken drumstick. it is a long, stick like vegetable with a thick skin inside which there is flesh and seeds. For more, see this Wikipedia entry), the ubiquitous dhal curry, a dish made out of deep-fried bitter gourd mixed with onions, green chillies and coconut flakes with a dash of lime juice which gave it a distinct sourness, a fry made out of banana blossom, and a yellow cassava curry. Of course, no vegetarian meal is complete without papadam and deep fried curd-chiilies (this is green chillies soaked/boiled in curd, then hot dried and deep fried). Of course, there is also rasam, a kind of a soup made out of coriander, fennel, cumin, black pepper, red chillies and tamarind.
This is usually home-cooking. It is one of those meals that makes me salivate while driving.

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