Sunday, August 23, 2009

Milos Greek Restaurant, Pickering

The plan was to go Chef Tommy’s in Ajax, but it was closed (closed on a Sunday evening? may be because of summer lull?)
So, I activated my GPS to find the closest Greek restaurant and it turned out to be a Friendly Greek franchise in Pickering. I was wary of going to a franchise but decided to try anyway.
When I reached the spot, I could not find the Friendly Greek, but there was a restaurant with the name Milos Greek Restaurant. It took the briefest of the moment for me to decide to go in. After all, the idea was to have Greek dinner anyway, and it not being a franchise was even better.
Inside, a whole new world opened up; the walls were white with the upper parts containing paintings, the chairs were of different colours and gave a rustic look, the floor was not of one pattern. And the Mediterranean music wafting through the air just completed the sense this was a real Greek restaurant.
A middle-aged gentleman welcomed me and let to us to a table.
I had never had a Greek beer and I grabbed the opportunity when Milos offered two brands. I went for Mythos. I love European beers but Mythos, I found, to be pretty weak.
For appetizers, ordered Saganaki Opa and Dolmadakia. I have always watched with amazement, and even envy, the ceremony surrounding this flambéing. I did not know what it was, so never ordered, but this time I figured from the menu it was Saganaki Opa.
The waiter brought the dish, poured the brandy (this I figured out from the menu) and then flambeed the kefalograviera cheese. He then squeezed a lemon over it. But I soon realised that him pouring the lemon juice to put out the flame does not complete the ceremony. We had a part too and because we forgot that, some other guests did it to us – the chorus of ‘opa’, which, the waiter explained, means long life.
The Dolmadakia was a little bit different for the Maria’s Dolmadakia I had tasted at Mr Greek a few weeks ago. For starters, this was one had a pleasant coolness to it, as against the warm one served in Mr G. And there was no sauce. Besides, I also tasted an extra dash of sourness, may be vinegar. But it was crisp with the correct amount of spices.
For main, I had seftalia – Greek style pork sausages. It was wide, and cut into half. Unlike some sausages, this did not have the salty taste which made it better. I had heard that the seftalias are juicy but I found the ones at Miles pretty dry. For sides, I could choose two from the following: roast potatoes, lemon potatoes, fries and rice, I went for rice. During my previous Greek restaurant visits, I had been given the choice of potatoes, salad and rice but not two varieties of potatoes. I chose lemon potatoes as I thought that was the one I usually like in Greek restaurants. But I was wrong: the ones I like is roast potatoes, at least according to Milos’ definition, while the lemon potatoes tasted too sour.
While enjoying the dinner, I saw the elderly waiter singing in tune with a song that wafted through the warm air. It was very nice, and completed the feeling of Greekness.

For dessert, I had baklava. It was richly soaked in sugar/honey, yet the layers retained their individuality and crunchiness. In between the variety of nuts tasted as if they were fresh.
I would go again.


  1. WORST Greek restaurant in the GTA.
    Since when is a toasted hot dog bun acceptable with your greek salad appetizer? This should have been the first warning that the main course would be equally appalling…

    No apology and no discount offered. It’s clear that the management of this establishment has no love for food or their customers.

    Avoid at all costs!

  2. Absolute garbage. Worst meal I have ever had. Dried up meat, soggy salad, tasteless rice and potatoes. Enough salt for a month. And yes bread is a hot dog bun.

    I should have known since it was empty when I got there.

    Avoid this dump.