Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spaetzle/Nockerln with Goulash

Spaetzle/Nockerln is one of my favourite dishes. I love it with a good plate of goulash. In Austria it is generally called nockerln though there might a slight difference between the two. 
Over the weekend I had made goulash and today I decided it was time to make spaetzle. I have some experience in Austrian cooking, so the last time I made spaetzle I went from my memory.
This time, however, I decided to check out a recipe but, as usual, I changed it slightly.

2 cups of durum atta flour  
2 eggs
1 cup of milk
¼ cup of water
A pinch of grated nutmeg
One teaspoon of salt

Add the salt and the nutmeg to the flour and mix well. Then add the well-beaten eggs, milk and water to mix the ingredients well. 
Spaetzle Dough
The dough should be neither too stiff not too soft. When you fill the hopper of the spaetzle maker and pass it end to end, the dough should be soft enough to fall through the perforation in small, long beans like form.

Boil enough water in a pot.
Spaetzle Maker
It was time to use my brand-new spaetzle maker that I picked up while scouting for a cutting board.  
It had a perforated tray with a handle on one end, and a square hopper to place the dough.

Once the water boils, fill the hopper with the dough and simply pass it through from end to end of the tray.

Ensure the small chunks don’t stick to each other inside the water.

Leave it boil for between 6-8 minutes. Drain the water.

Spaetzle with Goulash

Enjoy with goulash. 

Here is another recipe for Spaetzle/Nockerln

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