Sunday, February 23, 2014

Red Kitchen - A Very Spicy Thai Restaurant in Ajax

For long, I have been on the hunt for Thai restaurants that serve really spicy food -- the Thai way. Unfortunately, I have to concede that so far in Canada I have not found any 'authentic' Thai restaurant. The spiciest Thai foods I have had so far are from two restaurants -- one in Vienna, Austria, and the other in Jaco, Costa Rica.

So, when I saw a new joint, called Red Kitchen, open up in Ajax, it was time for a try but I have to concede I was too sceptical. I was ready to settle for a decent East Asian dinner.


I ordered Tom Yum soup and the plate of Thai spring rolls for appetizers.
Tom Yum Soup

Thai Spring Rolls
The soup was warm and contained the usual ingredients and the sour taste of lime juice. The chef was not stingy with shrimps. The spring rolls, also with shrimps and vegetables, were crisp and fresh. They came with sweet and sour as well as peanut sauces.

Main Courses

For the main meal, we went for Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and Thai-style spicy red beef curry.
I asked the waitress how spicy it will be and she assured me they can make it very spicy but only on the condition that I cannot return the dish should I find it too hot for my taste.
It was not a problem for me.
In some places you know that the chilli paste or, worse still, chilli powder, was added  later-on to the almost cooked or cooked meal. Because the last additions did not mix and cook well, the dish tastes raw and awful, not to talk about the negative effect it can have on the stomach.
Thai Red Curry

But at Red Kitchen it was a different story: the sauce was spicy and in addition, I could also see the small pieces of chillies. What I liked was that the chilli strength had seeped into the curry, giving me the feeling that the sauce was almost fresh if not fresh made.
This was kind of crazy spicy but delicious.
Nasi Goreng

The Nasi Goreng was decent and could have been enough for two people.


For dessert, ordered deep fried bananas with ice cream. It also came with its chef's special sauce. I would have preferred had the bananas been fried to a more golden color. The sauce could also have been more pronounced in its taste.
Fried Bananas

To sum it up, this is a restaurant worth a second visit. A good addition to Ajax.

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