Friday, August 23, 2013

Maimana Naan & Kabab Restaurant in Ajax - A New Gem

I came across Maimana Naan & Kabab Restaurant in Ajax quite accidentally, as I was returning from a haircut in the same mall in Ajax. It was a new joint, and such new restaurants in Ajax need to be explored.
Since then, I have been there twice. I have had their Chicken Tandoori Kabab and Mixed Grill Kabab.
It is kind of a fast-food place, with a simple, but rich set of meals. The interior is also simple but clean and decent.
Maimana Restaurant
Maimana Restaurant in Ajax

About Maimana
Maimana is the capital of the Faryab Province in northern Afghanistan, near Turkmenistan. It sits on a valley between rolling hills with lush green vegetation.

Maimana Restaurant Menu
They have two appetizers, seven types of kabab meals, three types of kabab wraps, seven types of kabab burgers, three types of salads, four sides and four types of desserts/beverages.
No alcohol served.

Chicken Tandoori Kabab
I am not a big fan of tandoori, partially because it can turn out to be very (very) dry. But the Maimana Naan
Chicken Tandoori Kabab
Chicken Tandoori Kabab
and Kabab's tandoori is among the best -- succulent, with the spice mix seeped into the chicken pieces. I almost felt that if I squeeze the pieces, the spice-infused juices will come out.

Mixed Grill Kabab
Contained three types of meat -- chicken, lamb and beef. The chicken was the best. Again, it was very soft but tasty. The beef was appropriately hard, though just how hard it should be is a subjective matter. The lamb was also tasty, in its texture it was somewhere between the hardness of the beef and the softness of the chicken kabab.
Mixed Grilled Kabab
Mixed Grilled Kabab

The owners know how to marinate their meat well.
Both plates came with yellow rice, but not quite Briyani type, and fresh naan. The naan, topped with poppy and sesame seeds, was indeed fresh and crisp.
One could also get mint-flavoured and a chilli-flavoured sauces.

Dessert - Ferni
According to their menu, ferni is a light, silky pudding of milk and starch, favoured with rosewater, cardamom an pistachio. I thought it may have been done from milk powder, but not sure. I am sure, though, of the fantastic taste -- silky and moderately sweet. And I loved the fact that the rosewater fragrance was not too strong.

Compliment of the House -- Doogh
Doogh is a yoghurt drink -- kind of lassi or ayran, but not the same. Doogh, the owner told me, is a mixture of yoghurt, mint and water -- a perfect summer drink. I simply loved it, because the yoghurt's influence was very subtle and it gave a feeling of having some sort of soft, fruit drink.

All in all, I was terribly happy about the Maimana Naan and Kabab Restaurant. The food is simple but tasty and the service is great. Ajax needs such restaurants.

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