Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fine Taste Chinese Restaurant in Ajax - Review

Ajax has a new (Hakka) Chinese restaurant. The Fine Taste Hakka Chinese Restaurant was opened about two ago, and is located on Bayly Street where long time ago another Chinese restaurant was located. The new one, which serves Indian dishes as well, is, however, smaller.

I decided walk into the restaurant for lunch.
There are two types of menus basically – a very extensive full menu and the obligatory lunch menu.

Fine Taste Hakka Chinese Restaurant

We decided to go for the lunch menu, and ordered Chili Beef and Crispy Ginger Chicken. Unusually for a Chinese restaurant, the lunch menu dishes come with French Fries and a bottle of water.
We wanted to swap French Fries for something else, but that was not an option. So, decided to pay a dollar extra, and get two spring rolls.

Crispy Ginger Chicken

It had a tinge of sweetness, and dipped in dough before being stir fried. As it is always with most Chicken dishes of this nature, the meat was pretty hard.

Chili Beef

Chili Beef

Obviously, this was my star dish. We had asked them to make it very spicy and surprisingly, they made it pretty spicy, with lots of chopped green chilies. The beef was soft without any signs of too much starch, and there was a thick brown gravy/sauce. They gave the option of choosing the dish either dry or with gravy, and we chose the latter as the firswt dish was dry.

Fine Taste Hakka Chinese


Again unusually for a Chinese restaurant, the dishes came with a large portion of rice.
The restaurant can be called a modern Chinese restaurant, with the space not cramped with tables. Free wi-fi is available.
I hope to taste some of the other dishes in the coming weeks.

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