Monday, October 6, 2014

Eat My Pie in Pickering - A Chic Place With Good Food

A friend of mine and I were looking for lunch in Pickering recently when he remembered seeing a cool-looking pizza joint. After some driving we found the place, Eat My Pie. The unique name and the promise of pies, as pizzas are called here, from wood-fired ovens were sufficient to entice us into the place.
Eat My Pie

Unlike other places, we didn’t have to wait to be seated. A notice at the entrance asks patrons to sit wherever they want, so we chose a comfortable place.
The second observation, after sitting, is that it did not need a menu card – the menu was printed on a sticker and glued to all the tables. What a cool idea!
Eat My Pie Menu
A whole variety of options are available: for appetizers -- soups to breads, Yukon fried potatoes and buttermilk calamari; for main courses -- different types of pies and pasta; and desserts – pies to sweet balls.
We opted for the Warm Olives and Hedge Hog Pie.

Warm Olives

These are warm Peruvian green and black olives, with artichokes and roasted red peppers, in a vinaigrette sauce, with slices of bread on top. We had asked it to be spicy, so they added crushed chillies which were there, but kind of remained in the background without making it too hot.

Warm Olives

Hedge Hog Pie

This is a meat-lovers’ paradise. It comes with a tomato sauce base, red pepper puree, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, salami and sausage, with garlic, basil and, to give a French twist, aioli sauce. As if this was not enough, we ordered an extra topping of wood-grilled bacon. I love good bacon, and with this exotic name, I could not pass it.
The pizza was very vibrant in appearance and taste with dripping sauce. The flavours were rich, and it was not overcooked (or over-baked) so that all the ingredients retained most of their flavours.  The crust was slightly blackish, but then it is my preference to have it more brownish than blackish. In any case, it was not too thick or hard, and the middle of the dough was pretty thin, as it should be.

Hedge Hog Pie

Final Comments

It is a nice, chic place, with a sports-bar feeling with some big-screen television sets running sports and news. The service was great. I like when the waiting personnel offer great suggestions without pushing it too far.

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